Frequently Asked Questions About The Specialties Of Facial Plastic Surgeons

Individuals who aren’t pleased with one or more of their facial features often consult a facial plastic surgeon for help. By performing a surgical procedure, these specialists can modify the appearance of an unattractive facial feature, which allows patients to gain self-confidence. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about the specialties of facial plastic surgeons.

What are some common surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons?

Plastic surgeons who specialize in facial procedures often perform rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, to correct irregularities of the nose. Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their nose if they appear too prominent, contain a bump, or aren’t balanced with the rest of their face.

Popular procedures include face, chin, cheek, neck and ear surgery. Some individuals request a type of surgery around their eye areas such as a brow lift and eyelid surgery to remove sagging skin and fatty tissue from the eyelids. This surgery transforms the appearance of tired, aging eyes and makes the individual look more youthful.

What types of procedures are performed on the face that doesn’t require surgery?

A facial plastic surgeon is also trained to perform alternative procedures that don’t require surgery to enhance the face. These include injectable dermal fillers and injectable muscle relaxants.

Muscle relaxants are most commonly injected into deep creases in the forehead, frown lines around the mouth and facial wrinkles to relax the muscles underneath the skin. Dermal fillers are often injected into the cheeks, lips, underneath the eyes and into fine lines to give the skin a firmer appearance.

Are there any other procedures that can enhance the appearance of an individual’s face?

Facial plastic surgeons also frequently perform skin rejuvenation procedures, such as skin peels, micro-needling, collagen stimulation and laser treatments. All of these procedures renew the skin’s appearance by diminishing wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. These procedures can also rejuvenate dull skin and lessen the effects of sun damage and lighten dark circles underneath the eyes.

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